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Dean of School of Medicine / Graduate School of Medicine

Teaching at the School of Medicine

Nagoya University's School of Medicine, as well as being one of the country's oldest medical faculties with its roots in the Owari-han school, and able to boast over 13,600 graduates over 130 years, also operates as a focal point of medical treatment and care dedicated to supporting 21st century Japan. Its activities can be broadly detailed into four categories, which are:

  1. Leading medical research to contribute to humanity and the development of medical technology
  2. Training talented doctors who respect the ethics of medicine and contribute to the well-being of humanity
  3. Advancing the medical treatment of our regional community, our country and our world community
  4. Constructing open systems for medical centres and research

We hope to attract young ladies and gentlemen who can work with a strong sense of duty to contribute to society through medicine with an international outlook.

Rich and Practical Knowledge of Humanity – Towards New Medicine and Medical Care –

Our important mission is to train capable people who can pioneer the healthcare and medicine of tomorrow with an international outlook, while also safely advancing Japanese healthcare. Our teaching in particular aims to foster the importance of self-reliance alongside a feeling of internationalism. With our department's teaching of medicine, we highlight the importance of student autonomy. Therefore, we give students a half year course of personal research in 3rd grade, and the results of which are presented in international academic conferences and English journals. In the following six years we select students with a high level of English ability and give them personal experience of clinical practice at top notch universities such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Vienna, and Freiburg, encouraging international sentiment. Furthermore, after graduating we continue to train doctors with a high level of clinical ability by sponsoring further postgraduate training at associated top-level Japanese hospitals, while respecting the students' intentions.

Message from the Dean

Nagoya University's School of Medicine has borne a great social responsibility as a "focal point for Japanese doctors" for over a hundred years. I myself hold great esteem for this history built by our forerunners, and can only wish that we continue training such capable people who will also keep to this responsibility.

1.Would you mind to tell the strength (charm) of department of medicine/ graduate school of medicine?

Our campus is filled by people with high aspirations toward human health and welfare. Students learn philosophy or a reason for living as a medical doctor or scientist.

2.How do you want your students grow through their university life?

Make friends and learn much. We have many programs to encourage students to participate, such as student association of medical research, basic medicine seminar, MD・PhD course and clinical clerkship abroad. Enjoy the campus life!

3.Would you mind to tell the vision of department of medicine/ graduate school of medicine?

The first mission is to nurture talented medical doctors. However, we have another important mission. That is to let medicine step forward. To this end, we intend to raise doctors with research mind and medical scientists.

4.What is the most memorable lecture that Professor Kadomatsu had when Professor was a student?

Anatomy lectures and practice: very impressive because I learnt them at first as a medical student. Lectures by a professor of pathology: so dignified and noble. Clinical clerkship: so nervous to see patients for the first time as a medical student.

5.Please give some words to high school students.

Listen to nature, and contribute to science. It was what my mentor gave to one of his students. There may be truth hidden behind patients or phenomena in a tube in a laboratory. If you discover it, it will let medicine step forward. I expect that students with high aspirations come, learn and work with us in this campus.

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School of Medicine / Graduate School of Medicine

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