International Economic Law

Tomoko ISHIKAWA Associate Professor

Department: Graduate School of International Development

Class Time: 2020 Spring Tuesday
Recommended for: School of Law
Graduate School of International Development
Graduate Students

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Purpose and Description

This course provides an examination of international law concerning economic globalization, in particular the law on the World Trade Organization (WTO) and related trade and investment agreements as the main aspects of global economic order.It first provides a brief introduction to the history and evolution of the legal framework for trade liberalization and investment protection.It then proceeds to examine WTO law, focusing primarily on the WTO Agreement on Goods (GATT) and on the WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU), while a brief overview of topics such as the General Agreement on Services (GATS) and financial services in the GATS as well as intellectual property under the WTO will also be provided.The purposeof this course is for students to obtain both the knowledge of international trade law including a critical mass of case-law and the skills which will enable them toanalyze to what extent regulatory measures that have impact on international trade are consistent with these laws.It also provides the basis for the analysis of issues of controversy such as the role of these fields of law in the global legal order.

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Achievement Target

By taking this course,students will be able to obtain a good understandingof the most important aspects of international trade law, as well as the skillsof critically assessing and analyzing the impacts and the prospects of economic globalization.

Structure of the Course / Schedule

Session Lectures
1 Introduction to international economic law
2 Structure of the WTO (1): membership, institutional structure
3 Structure of the WTO (2): developing member states and decision-making
4 Dispute Settlement under the WTO (1): jurisdiction of the WTO dispute settlement system, key features of WTO dispute settlement
5 Dispute Settlement under the WTO (2): institutions and process of WTO dispute settlement, remedies for breach
6 Rules on Trade in Goods (1): market access -scheduling concessions in the GATT
7 Rules on Trade in Goods (2): The principle of non-discrimination (the most-favoured-nation (MFN) treatment and national treatment (NT))
8 Rules on Trade in Goods (3): General Exceptions and Security Exceptions
9 Rules on Trade in Goods (4): Other rules -SPS, TBT, anti-dumping
10 Rules on Trade in Services (1) Scheduling Concessions
11 Rules on Trade in Services (2): General and Security Exceptions
13 Future prospects of international trade law 1 -security threats and economic globalisation
14 Future prospects of international trade law 2 -the crisis of WTO
15 Future prospects of international trade law 3 -Summary and evaluation

Students are expected to prepare for and make presentations on given topics concerning international trade law in each session.

Texts & References

Text: Peter Van den Bossche and Werner Zdouc, The Law and Policy of the World Trade Organization (3rdedn., CUP, 2013)

Reference: Mitsuo Matsushita, Thomas J. Schoembaum and Petros C. Mavroidisand Michael Hahn, The World Trade Organization: Law, Practice, and Policy (3rdedn. OUP, 2017)


Contribution to class including presentation: 40%, Final exam/report: 60%. Credit is given to C-or C (where applicable) or higher grade for each criterion

Preconditions to take the course and related courses

There is no precondition to take this course.

Language(s) for instruction & discussion; Others


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Session Slides Assignment
1 slides #1 (PDF, 572KB) assignment #1-#2 (PDF, 54KB)
2 slides #2-#3 (PDF, 905KB)
3 assignment #3 (PDF, 59KB)
4 slides #4-#6 (PDF, 1299KB) assignment #4 (PDF, 61KB)
5 assignment #5 (PDF, 59KB)
6 assignment #6 (PDF, 58KB)
7 slides #7-#9 (PDF, 1311KB) assignment #7 (PDF, 59KB)
8 assignment #8 (PDF, 62KB)
9 assignment #9 (PDF, 59KB)
10 slides #10-#11 (PDF, 688KB) assignment #10 (PDF, 58KB)
12 slides #12-#14 (PDF, 460KB)

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