Solid Mechanics

Eiichi TANAKA Professor

Department: School of Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering

Class Time: 2014 Fall Tuesday
Recommended for: School of Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering 2nd students

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Course Overview

In this lecture, we will focus on solid mechanics from a standpoint of continuum mechanics. We first learn the mathematical preliminary used in continuum mechanics such as the concepts of vectors and tensors. Then, we will move on to the concepts of strain and stress. Lastly, we will derive the field equations such as the equation of motion, kinematic relation, and constitutive laws.

Key Features

I would like all students to understand the material covered in this course smoothly and accurately. Therefore, in this lecture I emphasize the important points by writing on the black board. Also I use microphone and speak slowly in order to make it easier for students to follow the lectures. In the exercise session many problems are given to help them understand.

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Course Aims

- To understand the basics of tensor
- To become able to explain the concepts of strain and deformation

Requirements and recommended courses

Mechanics 1 and Strength of Materials 1


It is welcome to answer questions after class. If you would like to ask questions other time, please send e-mail or call my office to set up an appointment.

Course Schedule

Session Contents
1 Introduction
2 Tensor Algebra
8 Tensor Analysis
11 Deformation and Strain
15 Final Examination


The grading is based only on the final examination. Those who get over 55 out of 100 on the final exam are given credits for this lecture.

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Lecture Handouts

Lecture handouts taken by one of the students are uploaded. It is only available in Japanese.

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