School Clinical Psychology Lecture

Tetsuya IGARASHI Associate Professor

Department: School of Education / Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Class Time: 2016 Spring Tuesday
Recommended for: 3rd, 4th-year undergraduates

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Key features

Each student in this class has their own school experience. This class will make you aware of how your real life experiences are considered from the viewpoint of student support and this will allow you to understand this knowledge in practice.

By choosing specific topics and allowing time for students to discuss them together, students will re-evaluate individual cases from different perspectives.

By using reaction papers at the beginning of the next lecture, we will review the previous lecture and answer any questions, which will help students deepen their understanding.

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Course Outline

Nowadays, children's psychological problems are drawing a lot of attention. What actions are to be taken to face those problems at school? In this course, students will deepen their understanding of problems from the viewpoint of school psychology.

Course Aim

The aim of the course is to acquire basic knowledge of school psychology necessary for assisting students at school.

Lecture Plans

  1. What is school psychology?
  2. Japanese school and school psychology
  3. Who are the targets of assistance at school?
  4. Who are the assistants at school?
  5. Assessment of assistants' various activities.
  6. Counseling of assistants' various activities.
  7. Consultation and coordination of assistants' various activities.
  8. 3-step assistance.
  9. 4 areas of assistance.
  10. Assistance for cases of truancy
  11. Assistance for cases of bullying
  12. Assistance for cases of delinquency
  13. Assistance for cases of abuse
  14. Assistance for cases of development disorders
  15. Conclusion.

Grade Evaluation

Mini-report for each class (40%) and final report (60%).

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