Basic Seminar

Branko ALEKSIC Designated Associate Professor

Department: Institute of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Class Time: 2016 Spring Monday
Recommended for: School of medicine

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Purpose of this seminar

Medical journals exist to provide clinicians, students and the public with up to date information on medical technology and medical practices. For clinicians, it is of particular interest to read original papers about recent case reports and practices.

The purpose of this seminar is to introduce research articles from biomedical journals to the undergraduate MD students at our faculty. The discussion and article presentation will be made in English. The seminar is simulation of the situation that can be seen at international meetings. Also each student will have unique opportunity to assess own level of speaking and understanding medical English.

Key features

I hope this course will to help students further develop their English language skills to better express and analyze their thoughts and attitudes in the English-speaking environment. I also hope that this course might ignite the passion for reading research article and maybe doing own research later on.

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The seminar will be containing 15 classes for the group of up to 12 students. The instructor will give first and second class. The purpose of the first two classes is to introduce this seminar to the students, explain basic structure of biomedical article, and give an assignment to the student that will make presentation on the next class. Each student will have two weeks to prepare presentation. Order of the student'presentation will be randomized. The articles that are going to be presented will be from high impact factor journals (e.g. Nature, Science), and the topic will be related to the medical sciences.


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Reference books

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Related subjects

Basic biomedical sciences, English language, article presentation, medical publishing.

Special matters

If admitted into the seminar, all students (credit or non-credit) will be expected to fully participate and complete all assignments.### Evaluation There will be no final exam. Students will be rated against their article presentations and discussions. The rate will value the accuracy of the handout, and clarity of the in-class presentation. Proper use of the students' theoretical knowledge will be particularly valued.

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Lecture Handouts

Orientation (PDF, 581KB)
Changes in Diet and Lifestyle and Long-Term Weight Gain (PDF, 610KB)
iPS Cells (PDF, 381KB)
Cardiac Arrest during Long-Distance Running Races (PDF, 220KB)


  • Choose the book, or scientific article based on your own interest (not limited to the medical field).
  • Prepare power point presentation based on the source you chose.
  • Presentation should be in English approximately 15 minutes (15 slides).
  • You will be able to make presentation two times during this course.

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