Introduction to the History of Nagoya University

Takuji YOSHIKAWA Professor

Department: Institute of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Class Time: 2015 Spring Tuesday
Recommended for: All Nagoya University Students

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Course Overview

The first and foremost objective of this course is to acquaint 1st year students with the history of Nagoya University, beginning with Nagoya Imperial University, which was formed 76 years ago, and including the Predecessor School, a total of 144 years. Through this course, students can deepen their understanding of Nagoya University which will be their place of learning for at least 4 years or more, if they enter graduate school. This will help establish their identities as NU students. In addition, this course intends to familiarize students with a history of Japanese higher education after Meiji Restoration, and regional history of Nagoya.

This course is divided into two modules, namely: general overview modules and in-depth modules. In the general overview modules, we will study the history of NU chronologically, and in the in-depth modules, we will set a theme for each session that will explain in more depth.

Key Features

In these lectures, we try to enable students to keep the standard academic knowledge of the Nagoya University’s history in mind while having fun. Though we will base the class on books containing proper academic content like "50 Years of History of Nagoya University", we will also make full use of other contents including "History of Nagoya University Booklet", "Bit of Nagoya University history" and other exhibition materials, movies, etc. created by Nagoya University Archives in order to make the University's history easier for students to learn. We also incorporate the regional historical perspectives by describing the University’s history in relation to the development of Nagoya city and surrounding areas. Furthermore, by inviting the current President of Nagoya University as a guest speaker, we want to make students understand what kind of vision Nagoya University has to enhance education and research activities through its history.

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Course Schedule

Session Contents
General Overview classes
1 Orientation/Introduction
2 From the foundation of Nagoya University to the Medical school
3 Eighth Higher School
4 Nagoya Commercial College
5 Birth of Nagoya Imperial University
6 Historical development of reorganized Nagoya University
7 Past 20 years, and future of Nagoya University
8 Future of Nagoya University (Lecture by President of Nagoya University)
In-depth Classes
9 First Foreign Teacher at NU
10 First President of NU SHIBUSAWA Motoji and NU in Newspapers
11 Past Presidents of NU
12 History of NU Festival
13 NU and sports
14 History, architecture, and memorials on NU Campuses
15 Summary/Conclusion


Grading of this course will be based on the final report, however absences may affect your grade.

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