Research Methods in Psychology 6

Hitoshi KANEKO Associate Professor

Department: School of Education / Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Class Time: 2015 Spring Tuesday
Recommended for: School of Education 4th year students

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Course Overview

The first step to start training as a genuine practitioner of clinical psychology, is to gain basic knowledge and techniques.

Key Features

  • This course will be organized to allow all students to take an active part in the discussion.
  • To learn the manner of a therapist, we will use video recordings in order to more objectively reflect on ourselves.
  • Along with clinical case formulations, client's feelings, and practice as a psychological clinician we will also discuss important themes above and beyond clinical activities.
  • I encourage students to discuss case studies from not just one, but many points of view.

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Course Contents

As this is an advanced course, students will learn various counseling techniques used by therapists and gain a multifaceted understanding of case studies.

Course Aims

To learn to use several clinical interview techniques. To understand clinical case study from many points of view.

Course Schedule

Class Title Lecture of contents
1 Orientation Introduction of lecture contents and schedule
2 Clinical interview technique(1) Introduction to various techniques in an interview
3 Clinical interview technique(2) Introduction to various techniques in an interview
4 Role playing(1) Hypothetical case role playing, part1
5 Role playing(2) Hypothetical case role playing, part2
6 Role playing(3) Hypothetical case role playing, part3
7 Debate(1) Discussion about the training and ethics of clinical psychotherapist
8 Debate(2) Discussion about the client minds (how clients feel at the first visit and so on)
9 Debate(3) Discussion about diagnosis based on clinical psychology and treatment
10 Case studies (1) Discussion of published case studies, part1
11 Case studies (2) Discussion of published case studies, part2
12 Case studies (3) Discussion of published case studies, part3
13 Case studies (4) Discussion of published case studies, part4
14 Case studies (5) Discussion of published case studies, part5
15 Review Class Review


  • Attendance 30%
  • Behavior in class 40%
  • Final Report 30%

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