Global Environmental Change (Introduction to Global Warming)

Kenji KAI Professor

Department: Graduate School of Environmental Studies

Class Time: 2012 Spring Tuesday
Recommended for: Graduate School of Environmental Studies

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Course Objectives and Aims

I will lecture on the subject “How will global warming influence the environment in the near future?”, from the fields of science, engineering, agriculture, humanities, and so on. I will cover the following topics: the mechanisms of global warming, its influence on changes of natural environment and industries, and prediction and measures/outlook regarding the environment in the near future.

Key Features

Global Environmental Change (Introduction to Global Warming) (PDF, 70KB)

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Course Schedule

Session Contents Teacher
1 Guidance Professor Kenji KAI
Mechanisms of global warming
2 Mechanisms of global warming Professor Hiroshi KANZAWA
3 Greenhouse gases and aerosols Associate Professor Kazuo OSADA
4 Paleoclimate(Climates of the past) Professor Takeshi NAKATSUKA
5 Reconstruction of the past climate and prediction of the future climate Associate Professor Kengo SUDO
Impact to natural environment
6 Climatic change of precipitation Professor Kenji NAKAMURA
7 Climatic change of the oceans Professor Takeshi NAKATSUKA
8 Climatic change of glaciers Associate Professor Koji FUJITA
Impact to ecological system and society
9 Impact to vegetation Associate Professor Tomoomi KUMAGAI
10 Impact to agriculture Professor Tsugihiro WATANABE*
11 Impact to water resources Professor Makoto TANIGUCHI*
Countermeasure against global warming
12 Architecture harmonized with the environment Professor Masaya OKUMIYA
13 Downscaling simulations of global/urban warming Associate Professor Satoru IIZUKA
14 Climate policy and future perspective Professor Tsuneo TAKEUCHI
15 Summary Professor Kenji KAI

*Research Institute for Humanity and Nature


The grading will be based on attendance (20%) and four reports (20%x4=80%)

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