International Development Studies

Yukiko NISHIKAWA Associate Professor

Department: Institute of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Class Time: 2011 Fall Tuesday
Recommended for: Liberal Arts students

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Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to explore various problems that developing countries encounter and introduces how these problems have been researched and studied from political, economic, cultural and social standpoints in international development studies. The course utilizes visual materials such as DVD and photos. The course also introduces the ways that international development is studied in academic research in higher education.

Key Features

Most students who register in this course have little or no experience of going and living in developing countries. Therefore, this course utilizes various visual materials such as DVD, documentary films, and photos in order for students to, first of all, know problems that many developing countries encounter. The course attempts to review our image on developing counties by utilizing data collected through academic research and in the policy circle and compare developed and developing courtiers. By doing so, it begins with grasping actual situations in developing countries. Then, the course considers how the problems in developing countries occur, what attempts have been made in order to solve the problems, and in what ways academic research contributes to resolving them. The course is structured in order for students to proactively examine the nature of the problems in developing countries.

Course materials provide very details of the themes discussed in each class together with summary and quizzes, so that students can understand when they read later.

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Relevant Courses

"Global Era and international society", "Market economy and society", "Good and bad side of development"

Course Schedule

1Developing countries and development: 'the truth about cacao'
2Various perspectives on development
3Economic development: agriculture, agricultural development / industrialization
4Economic development: agriculture, agricultural development / industrialization
5Development politics and governance theory
6Development politics and governance theory
7Social Development
8Development in the globalizing era
9Global issues: Gender, population, and peace
10Global issues: Gender, population, and peace
11Framework for development cooperation: private capital and developing countries
12Framework for development cooperation: private capital and developing countries
13Development Ethics
14Inter-disciplinary approach in international development studies
15Class sum up


Mid-term exam and quiz (40%), Final exam (60%)

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