Domestic Fieldwork

Fumihiko HORIO Professor

Department: School of Agricultural Sciences / Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences

Class Time: 2011 Intensive Lecture
Recommended for: Bioresource Sciences major students

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Course Overview

Domestic fieldwork is a research programme for gaining hands-on experience in agricultural farms, agricultural research institutes or agricultural infrastructures. The objective of this course is for students to experience and understand how the academic education they receive in university is actually applied in the agricultural field.

Key Features

This course is designed for junior students in the faculty of Bioresources Sciences. After three years' university study, students will have acquired the fundamentals of agriculture; students may wonder how this knowledge can be applied to their future career, because, in Japan, most students start job hunting in their junior year. Through this fieldwork, students will be able to gain working or research experience which is based on the fundamentals of agriculture in the office, where they can see the ways in which the basics of agriculture are necessary for our society.

Generally, lectures in university tend to be only one way: that is, students simply sitting in the classroom and listening to lectures. However, during fieldwork, interactive communication and a positive attitude are required for students to get to understand the work and to achieve their tasks. We hope that this fieldwork experience will enable students to obtain beneficial information to help them decide their future career.

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The research departments of Aichi Agricultural Research Center and JA Aichi Prefectural Economic Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives open the door for our domestic fieldwork programme. In these departments, students will be able to conduct their fieldwork and experience the research and work carried out there. Students may choose their fieldwork destination from the following:

Aichi Agricultural Research Center
Planning and Technology Extension Division
Agro-environmental Division
Field Crop Institute
Horticulture Institute
Animal Husbandry Institute
JA Aichi Prefectural Economic Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives
Livestock Industry Division
Horticulture Division
Farming Support Center
Agriculture Material Division

Each division or institute has a number of branch groups. More detailed information of which branch group you will be going to for fieldwork and the fieldwork schedule will be given later.

Course Schedule

Students will select one of the following research institutes and will conduct two to three days fieldwork:

Aichi Agricultural Research Center

Division Group
Planning and Technology Extension Division Planning and Coordination
Management Information
Broad Area Education
Agro-environmental Division Bioengineering
Agricultural Engineering
Environment Safety
Agricultural Pest Control
Agricultural Pests
Field Crop Institute Crop Planting
Rice Field Management
Horticulture Institute Vegetables
Locally Produced Vegetables
Deciduous Fruit Trees
Evergreen Fruit Trees
Animal Husbandry Institute Cattle
Husbandry Environment
Higashi-mikawa Agricultural Institute Vegetables
Tea Manufacturing
Mountainous Region Agricultural Institute Rice Cultivation

JA Aichi prefectural Economic Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives

  • Horticulture Division
  • Farming Support Center
  • Livestock Industry Division


Students will be evaluated based upon attendance and presentation.

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