Organic Chemistry II

Kenichiro ITAMI Professor

Department: School of Science / Graduate School of Science

Class Time: 2011 Fall Tuesday
Recommended for: Chemistry department juniors

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Course Aims

This course will focus on the structure and reactions of organic molecules, particularly amines, esters, benzenes, heterocycles, sugars and amino acids. In addition to acquiring basic knowledge, this course also places emphasis on acquisition and adaptation of the essence of capturing organic chemistry from a logical perspective.

Key Features

Small talk


p> Why Organic Chemistry? This may be a question that all chemistry students think of at least once in their academic life. To provide as good an answer as possible to this question, I try to introduce as much topics as possible on everyday adaptations of organic molecules (for example, medicine, dyes, clothing, electronics, just to name a few), and how (organic) chemistry is incorporated into science. Also, to give students an idea of their near future, there will also be some short talks on the latest developments in organic chemistry, and what to expect in graduate school. Hopefully, students will understand the need to take "boring" undergraduate lessons so they can have a lot more fun in graduate school research.

Having students speak of their visions


p> In the end-of-term exams, I always include this one question: "Describe, in your own words and with enthusiasm, the problems organic chemistry has yet to solve, what roles organic chemistry should play in the future, and your own goals and dreams." This question is announced at the first session. How this affects the students is yet unclear, but so far I have been able to gather quite an amount of "pieces", more than I had expected, and they provide precious feedback from the students. This is one question that I would like to keep on asking - and analyzing - as an instructor.

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Personal Goals as Instructor


p> To inspire students to like organic chemistry and later become an irreplaceable contributor to organic chemistry research in the world as a Nagoya University alumnus.



p> "ORGANIC CHEMISTRY –Structure and Function– 5th Ed" Vollhardt & Schore, Chapters 21-26

Mini-tests (conducted at 8:45-9:00 each session)

  • Selected exercises are announced at the end of each session.
  • The aforementioned problems form the basis for the mini-tests.
  • The tests serve double duty as attendance records.

Course Schedule

Session Contents
1 Amines and Their Derivatives
2 Amines and Their Derivatives
3 Amines and Their Derivatives
4 Ester Enolates and the Claisen Condensation
5 Ester Enolates and the Claisen Condensation
6 Mid-term Examination
7 Chemistry of Benzene Substituents
8 Chemistry of Benzene Substituents
9 Chemistry of Benzene Substituents
10 Heterocycles
11 Heterocycles
12 Amino Acids
13 Carbonydrates
14 Summary
15 Summary / End-of-Term Examination



p> Evaluation will be based on total outcome of mini-tests, attendance, and results of the mid- and end-of term tests.

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Lecture Handouts

Note: All files are in Japanese

Mini-Tests (PDF, 255KB)

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