Faculty Introduction

Nagoya University Global 30 Internatinal Programs

Message from President

As a pivotal and comprehensive research university, it is our mission to foster our students to be rational and creative persons as outstanding human resources to the world; individuals who will be able to respond to the constantly changing social demands.

We are proud of our free and vibrant academic culture. The school charter states that Nagoya University shall cultivate courageous intellectuals endowed with powers to sustain the future of humanity. Our ability in world-class research activities has most recently drawn the attention of the world in 2008 when three of our faculty members were awarded the Nobel Prize. While making the most of our academic culture, we intend to move forward with balanced research activities and cultivating promising young researchers. For this reason, we need to support, not only advanced research areas, but also the fields related to culture succession. At the same time, we also need to carry out research that responds to social demands. This requires upgrades to research environments that will allow us to continue conducting leading global research.

Nagoya University Global 30 International Programs