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Teaching at the School of Medicine

Nagoya University's School of Medicine, as well as being one of the country's oldest medical faculties with its roots in the Owari-han school, and able to boast over 13,600 graduates over 130 years, also operates as a focal point of medical treatment and care dedicated to supporting 21st century Japan. Its activities can be broadly detailed into four categories, which are:
  1. Leading medical research to contribute to humanity and the development of medical technology
  2. Training talented doctors who respect the ethics of medicine and...

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    School of Medicine / Graduate School of Medicine

Class Name Instructor Name Class Homepage Class
Psychiatry Norio OZAKI JPN ENG JPN
General and Systemic Pathology (Etiology and Pathogenesis) Shinya TOYOKUNI JPN ENG JPN JPN
Human Embryology Takaki MIYATA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Digestive Organs Hidemi GOTO JPN ENG JPN JPN
Genes and Genetics Kinji OHNO JPN ENG JPN JPN

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