Faculty Introduction

Jiro TAKAI, Dean

Since its founding in 1949, the School of Education has maintained a fundamental commitment to academic excellence in educational sciences and psychological and human developmental sciences. The basic goals of the School are to contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge educational research and to provide state-of-the-art programs designed for prospective researchers and education-related professions. The undergraduate program consists of five instructional fields: 1) lifelong education and development, 2) school education and information science, 3) international education and...

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School of Education / Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Class Name Instructor Name Class Homepage Class
School Clinical Psychology Lecture Tetsuya IGARASHI JPN ENG JPN
Curriculum Studies II / Planning II Hiroyuki KUNO JPN ENG JPN
Research Methods in Psychology 6 Hitoshi KANEKO JPN ENG JPN
Teacher Development Theory Lecture I Arani Sarkar JPN ENG JPN
Statistics in Psychology and Education Hidetoki ISHII JPN ENG JPN JPN
Sociology of Education: Lecture II Ryo UCHIDA JPN ENG JPN
Research Methods in Psychology 9 (Observational methods) Motoyuki NAKAYA JPN ENG JPN
Research Methods in Psychology 3 Masako NAGATA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Behavioristics Lecture II — Psychology of Industries and Organizations Atsuko KANAI JPN ENG JPN JPN
Methods of Teaching I — Outline of Teaching Methods Yoshiaki SHIBATA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Methods of Teaching II — Lesson Analysis and the Scientification of Education Yoshiaki SHIBATA / Masami MATOBA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Introduction to Human Development Sciences 1 Takuji YOSHIKAWA JPN ENG JPN

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