Faculty Introduction

Kazuhito KAWAKITA, Dean

Agricultural sciences contribute to solve the current issues on production and sustainability of food, environmental preservation, life-long health, and development of biomass energy through making clear and enhancing the function and mechanism of a living thing in the range from molecular level up to ecosystem. At the same time, the scope of the research is expanding toward a new horizon by constructing the research network with relevant or different disciplines. Challenging these complicated and diverse issues, we nurture the students who have the potential accepted in the...

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School of Agriculture / Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences

Class Name Instructor Name Class Homepage Class
Biochemistry 2 Masayoshi MAESHIMA JPN ENG JPN
Biosphere Environmental studies 1 Ayumi KOTANI / Takeshi OHTA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Overseas Practical Training Kei-ichiro MAEDA JPN ENG JPN
Domestic Fieldwork Fumihiko HORIO JPN ENG JPN
Animal Physiology 2 Atsushi MURAI / Hiroko TSUKAMURA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Anthropology of Forest Environments Yozo YAMADA JPN ENG JPN
Microbiology 3 Hirofumi AIBA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Animal Sensory Information Science Hiroaki SOMIYA JPN ENG JPN JPN
Plant Resources and Environment Hiroshi MIYAKE / Mitsutaka TANIGUCHI JPN ENG JPN JPN
Basics of Bioagricultural Sciences Yugo IWASAKI JPN ENG JPN ENG JPN

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